Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ten Years

Last week, my husband and I celebrated ten years of marriage. I know, ten years!

We went and had a sensational and romantic dinner  at The Black Cow. A very parent-y dinner date it was - we were at the restaurant by 6.30, to Gran's to pick up the kids by 9pm, home by 9.30pm and we still felt like we'd had a big night out. 

What a wild, mundane, busy, boring, fabulous and hard ten years its been. That's the thing about marriage isn't it? - in sickness and in health, in good times and bad times and we have had our heapin' helpin' of both. We are true friends and we laugh and laugh and fight like teenagers. And I still think he is a fox even if he is becoming a silver fox.

So here are ten facts about our marriage, just for the hell of it.
1. Once we went out for Valentine's Day to Hungry Jacks and we had the "Jack and Jill' special, except I had the "Jack' meal and he had the "Jill".   
2. He agreed to marry me on the condition that he didn't have to speak at the wedding. (Oh, the shy luthier)
3. The luthier was made to speak at the wedding.
4. The night I convinced him to propose ( well, that's how it was and there is no point pretending otherwise) we went and saw the Adam Sandler classic "The Wedding Singer"
5. We were married at Strathlynn on 24th April 1999. 
6. Our wedding was the best wedding we have ever been too. It was a bloody hoot.
7. My sister sang the Burt Bacarach classic " The Look of Love" at our wedding, even though we hadn't asked her to, and the whole room joined in, and now we consider it 'our song'. 
8. Our marriage has produced 3 children, all of whom experienced genetic disorders/birth defects in the first months of life. 
9. The luthier and I are not cousins.
10. We ALWAYS fight over small and petty tasks in a very immature "you do it, no you do it' kind of style.  By the time we had 'negotiated' who was going to get up to settle the baby, the poor child had usually gone back to sleep.  We always make up.

Our lives together seem to be slowly but certainly moving ahead towards exactly all the things we sat up night after night dreaming of ten years ago. How lucky are we?


D said...

No such thing as luck, Mrs Smith (and you know it ~ and you sing it).

mrs smith said...

You know I did think that after I wrote it. No such thing as luck.

D said...

I get why it is well attributed as Luck. It's called luck because that's how good it feels; like magic! My guess is that it feels like luck because you're grateful in a 'holy shit, how'd that thing that means soooo much to me actually happen to me and mine?' Actions of hope and trust and love attract lady luck. Pure ambition gets you fuck all. That's min two cents, anyhoo.

mrs smith said...


shannon said...

It was one of the best weddings I have been to and every time we call your house we know it will maybe be answered in like 10 rings 'cos you two are arguing about who has to get up to answer it....

my lord you look like your mum in that bottom pic.

Lulu said...

Lovely post Mrs Smith.

mrs smith said...

My Mum! Sheesh Shazza! Oh actually you're right. it's the glasses and the loony expression.

Loz and Dinny said...

awwwwwwwwwwww - you make me want to get all mooshy and stuff. Youse guys are a noice couple... glad you clarified the cousins bit ... I mean ... you know ...happy anniversary smith-sutton esquires xx PS foxy wedding shot! diggin' the coat

D said...

ps. blog is looking good, btw

Anonymous said...

georgie you are looking way to skinny in that pic.... i love youse guys happy anniversary xxxx love joey