Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Cuts and Hoots

Geez, great friends are ace, aren't they? They give you encouragement and gip and humour you and support you and its all bloody good. This craft business seems to bring out the very best in girlfriends too, don't you reckon?  I am feeling very chuffed to be in it.

And very excited about the impending kick off of Brown Owls on the island. Hoot me up! So all you Island ladies who want to join, get yourselves to the Brown Owls Membership shop and sign up.

Anyhoo, enough of the craft gushing.

These are my lino cuts.  I have used them on some cards. Terrible pics I know but I haven't figured out how to photograph them very successfully. Any suggestions gratefully received.

I am really loving the whole lino cut process - the drawing , carving, printing. There is room for error and artistic licence.

The leaf is my favourite.

My son used one of the cards that went a bit skewiff and wrote me this note:

It reads : 

Dear Mum. I love you 
more than my hart. ( Picture of a heart going baboom). Wen 
you feeling blue hold this 
card to your hart and love me.

My J. What a guy!


Loz and Dinny said...

god - where do I get me a boy like that one? so cute one! You are crafty Mrs Smith - like a fox and like a Nanna xx
all good.

D said...

Hey Foxy Nanna!
I love the sun.I do.
On the matter of making pics of cards; Yr printer looks like ours ...


D said...
this lady is a master lino cutter, and started easy peasie a few years ago. she make s books. i met her the same way I met j; same japanese project.
he work is beaut-!

Shannon said...

go mrs smith go! they are looking ace, Ive always been scared of the lino cutter - that sharpie blade and my man hands = muchos blood methinks.

Ace work on the brown owls. And Im gonna email you some 'how to photograph cards' pics.