Thursday, October 20, 2011

Les Contes des Fées

The smallest girl turned four and is not small anymore. She is rapidly shooting up and gaining on her brother and is also taking birthday princess-dom to new heights. Don't be fooled by the pink fairy gear, she is a ruthless dictator who bears no fools and leaves no room 
for the slightest interpretation of her will. 

 J and I were stupidly proud of ourselves for constructing the petit chateau pour la petite princess. Donna Hay might not think much of our rustic, slightly leaning manifestation of her design, but screw her and her insane obsession with pale blue and utter pristine-ness. We stuck sparklers in the top and were rapt with the effect on the little pink party-goers and that it didn't topple over. 

Meet Smiley, as she has been ironically named.  This beautiful Waldorf doll from Poppy Bean and Bloss, is the prized birthday gift. She fits into the family perfectly as she already has a dirty face and has become Sophie's constant companion. The theory for these Waldorf dolls, I think. is that they don't show emotion so that the child can project their own emotions on to it, or something like that?  Experts please correct me if I am wrong. Sophie did ask "Why isn't she smiling, Mum?"  and so to compensate for her lack of expression, first entitled her "Saddie", thought better of it and now she is 'Smiley'. 

As for me, I have again wandered away from my own space and spent some time dwelling in the world of what I wish I had rather than investing that energy in loving what I've got. It's cyclical, I guess. Happy to say that a conversation and coffee with the luthier has returned me to the planet and to the plan. Its so good to feel that, even though you occasionally become unearthed and carried away, the plan made ages ago is the one that you always come back to, and that progress has been made, even if sometimes it feels like the steps have been infinitesimal.

The sun is out on the island today. 
Temperatures are in the mid-20's! Holey moley, its a heatwave!

 Handsome children are bursting from the bushes.  

Pretty maids and bees are buzzing around the ruffled lavender.  

Pretty sweet this spring life, huh?


Isis said...

that cake is amazing - yes, screw her!

ally said...

Our little boy is 3 this weekend and he wanted this cake too...until a week its a kite cake which is much more my league.
We are enjoying this sweet spring too.

Loz and Dinny said...

Too fine x

Tania said...

Oh she's a sweetheart! Both of them! Your small received the same extra special birthday gift as mine. Smiley and Lily should get together with their mums for a tea party sometime...

(And yep, that's the basic, neutral expression, theory).