Monday, January 02, 2017


Yesterday a friend reminded me of my blog, so I came back to visit. 

This archive of blog posts is like an adventure through the wilds of my psyche, my sometimes anxious and often distorted mind. It is a trip through the seeking and questioning, advising and anxsting, through joy and my endless confusion. 

The blog tells one story of a lot of years riding blind on the rough, dark, circular route of the shame train.  

New Year's Day is a classic date for goal setting and resolutions. 
Yeah  ... nah. This year I just want to roll with life and see where it goes. 
The engine has pulled into the 2017 station and I am disembarking sans baggage

The New Year arrives and my web feeds race past with memes and goals and resolutions, screeching and blaring out announcements through the loudspeaker of 'should':

Eat this. Make this. Work this. Plan this. Wear this. Lose this. Say this. 
You gotta do more, you gotta be more you gotta get more, you gotta have more.
And never forget that your fundaments are flawed so fix yourself, fix yourself, fix yourself...
Enough ... enough. Fuck it ... enough. 
Silence the soul bashing screeches and blares. For me, its time to look in the mirror and say:

"I am ok."
My life is not a fantasy, it is a reality and its ok. Actually, it is grouse. 

I am fat, but I am phat. 

A bit dishevelled, a bit broke and neck deep in the motherload of love-and-family-mess I am, and I would rather be here than anywhere. 

I don't know which train I want to get on next.
But truckloads of opportunities are arriving and departing all the time.  Turns out, they had been queuing up at the self-doubt barrier the whole time, waiting for the wall to come down. 

It is unnecessary to endlessly travel around the same circle of demented track and mourn the tragic loss of hours and tears to anxiety and self-decimation. Plenty of other trips to take. 

2017 is a mystery ticket to life. I am gonna jump on board, relax, look out the window and just see what happens.


Tania said...

Happy travels, lovely you. x

Anonymous said...

I'll be traveling in the next carriage. Let's meet up in the diner car xxx Gemma