Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Word/s of the day #2

Root (thanks Mrs d)

Detritus (thanks G)

Douche-bag (with traditional french spelling - thanks mummy danlella)

Confrontatory (thanks Kath&Kim-style bogans in launceston cafe)

word for the day is my new word collection.
all contributions gratefully received.
now that I fancy myself as a writer (pronounced RA-teh), and for my own amusement I am collecting words.

oh yes and


just cos I like the sound of it.

What's your favourite word?


shannon said...

Schmelly, and mainly because Dr Thomas used it when referring to certain things with his patients....

He is a freak, but too hilarious without even knowing it.

daniela said...

I won an award this week:

she's fuckin funny.

"Friday, July 28, 2006

vulvadral dodecahedrons
Now that's what I'm talking about. Go Daniela, who had the absolute best neologism and example sentence for the concept "being like or having some aspect of a vulva".

Daniela's example...

"The entry facade of the new museum for contemporary [art] features an outstanding and complex frieze of abstract, yet subtle, vulvadral dodecahedrons in recycled papier-mache..." the first thing today that made me laugh out loud."

S, let me think, another word: Rita wants to read Maisy, more intellectual persuits must wait ~ ~!

samantha said...

at the moment I am all into serendipitious which will be spelt wrongly, and I can't say it without causing myself an injury!!

daniela said...

( an oldie, but a Goodie)


Here's one of my personal favourite uses.
"James, Rita has a turd on board..."