Wednesday, August 02, 2006

What no cabana ...!

I am hosting book group tonight.
I have entertaining anxiety.

Is it because the house is a pit and still has the faint waft of 'rodent' from our recently discovered and baited little friend behind the fridge? Or is it becuase my husband will not be here to avert either possibility of J bursting in and wanting to give us a few bars of the latest tune by "The Veronicas", or little S cruising the snack table for hours becasue he doesn't want to go to sleep? Or perhaps its because every time anyone comes anywhere near her house my mother goes into anxiety overdrive, cleans the whole house to within an inch of its life and then produces out of thin air platters of delicious nibbles and fashionable wine.

Maybe I just needed a full nights sleep.

Hope the ladies feel good about the $10 bottle of white, a bit of supermarket cheese and bickies, lollies and, the ubiquitous bookgroup treat- the TimTam.
My problem is actually better titled 'catering anxiety'.

(I think this falls into the category of crap you get caught up in that doesn't really matter. I hope the ladies have a nice time but I guess I don't have to add perfect '50's-style hostess to my list of achievements. )

What no kebabs of cabana and cubed cheese inserted, decoratively, into a grapefruit. What no freshly baked savoury scrolls for your nibbling pleasure! No martinis, sherry or indeed, any offensively-titled cocktails on offer either.

And I don't have a clean frock.


Joanne said...

Do you know that poojabbers is one of my favourite words ( it is right up there with root!)
There has got to be a point where people accept that houses are for living in and not a "home beautiful" commercial - so if they don't appreciate that or the timtams bugger them! Although I am dissapointed about there being no cabana!!!
ps I think you have forgotten that you are a kickarse cook!

Gillian said...

Give em Chaos Mrs Smith, it'll rock their god damn booky socks. . .in a noice way. . .thanks for your lovely note earlier. . .might drop down the street sometime soon you never know, just promise not to clean the house for me, I'd hate to have to reciprocate!